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Victoria Humane Society

How much have we raised so far for this cause?


How many times have we reached our goal? 4x

$100 = will help our seven shelter beneficiaries across Canada purchase much needed supplies and fund medical care for animals in need



The Victoria Humane Society is an animal rescue and registered Canadian charity which began operating in November 2013 and has since rehomed over 600 animals. Led by Executive Director, Penny Stone, who has over 10 years of experience in animal rescue work, along with a network of over 50 foster homes and almost 100 volunteers, this team works tirelessly to save abused and homeless animals all across British Columbia. Victoria Humane Society values a collaborative approach to animal rescue and has worked with various organizations to conduct lifesaving work that would not have been possible alone. As such, VHS partners with several rescue organizations and takes in not only local animals, but animals from remote BC communities where access to animal welfare services is extremely limited or not available.




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