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With a mutual love for surfing, fishing and a shared vision to protect the natural world at all cost, Canadian entrepreneurs René Gauthier and Andrew Paine, joined forces to launch Sitka Surfboards in 2002. The West Coast based lifestyle brand is carving out a new way of doing business with a for-profit retail/wholesale business and an active non-profit society. Determined to build a future where conservation is in balance with consumerism, Sitka dedicates its efforts to the creation of purposeful goods and wilderness activism. The young team behind Sitka prides itself on developing new ways to engage with its community of brand loyalists and expand its circle of like-minded supporters.

The SSC, Sitka's non-profit organization, is committed to conserving lands, waters and ensuring the sustainability of communities. Recognizing that accomplishment and change often stems from collaboration and the support of the masses, the organization seeks to empower individuals whose goals align with the company vision of a world in balance. Established in 2014, the SSC takes part in environmental initiatives partnering with a wide spectrum of beneficiaries.

Sitka offers complete surfboard, skateboard, fishing, and apparel lines. All of the product lines are developed with sustainable materials and manufactured to minimize Sitka's carbon footprint. A portion of every sale is donated to the Sitka Society for Conservation. In fall of 2016, Sitka will manufacture 100 percent of its products in North America.