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Greater Moncton SPCA

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The Greater Moncton SPCA is the largest open shelter east of Montreal serving approximately 7,000 animals a year. The Society provides care for sick, injured, homeless, lost and unwanted animals. Their mission is to promote animal care and to prevent animal cruelty through sheltering, placement and education.



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The Moncton Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was formed in 1955 by a small group of concerned citizens (headed by Mrs. Constance Hoover), who thought something should be done about the stray animals and cruelty in this area. The Society was incorporated as SPCA (Moncton) Inc. in 1956 with the first shelter being opened by the premier of the day, the Hon. Hugh John Flemming.

The shelter was built by Mrs. Hoover and her mother. They added to the building over the years to house the ever increasing number of animals. For many years, Mrs. Hoover ran the organization with the help of a few very dear friends, mainly Mr. and Mrs. Sternbach and Mrs. Rena Michahelles. During the early years the work was done on a volunteer basis. As funds became available, staff was hired. The Greater Moncton SPCA shelter building is known as the Hoover Animal Shelter, in recognition of the many years of dedicated service given by Mrs. Hoover.

The GMSPCA now has the task of providing a service under the Animal Protection Act which is not duplicated by any other agency in the Greater Moncton area. The Society provides care for sick, injured, homeless, lost and unwanted animals.

The GMSPCA continues to work for the animals with the aim of preventing and suppressing cruelty. Cruelty takes many forms ranging from blatant physical abuse to neglect; from misuse in entertainment to trapping and factory farming. The board of directors of the GMSPCA developed a mission statement to help us focus our efforts and be most effective.


All of the information found on this page was provided by The Greater Moncton SPCA.