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Food for the Hungry Canada

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$200 = will help fund the construction of 1 water well in the Ethiopia Highlands



As part of the global ‘Food for the Hungry’ association, FH Canada sets itself apart from other charities focused on developing countries by working with individual communities to provide not only food and resources, but dignity and respect. The 40 vulnerable communities partnering with FH Canada get to decide for themselves what sustainability looks like. Each community is able to determine what balance of assistance in agriculture, education, gender equality, health, and leadership meets the needs of their individuals physically, spiritually, socially, and educationally. It is FH Canada’s mission to end poverty - one community at time.



Clean water, and access to clean water, cannot be taken for granted. Many families in developing communities spend hours each day walking to and from the nearest water source. This is a task often done by mothers and their daughters. Sadly, this means less time for many other chores or income generating tasks - hours of their time is committed to meeting this basic need. Many of the younger girls and teens are not able to attend school because of this. Their families simply have no other choice.

When provided with a clean and readily accessible source of water, a world of opportunity opens up to these families. Freed-up time leads to school enrollment, income generation, and a healthier family unit. They can actually start living their lives, rather than spending all their time walking for survival.

In Ethiopia, all wells are built by the community members with facilitation from FH staff and with involvement from the region's water ministry. Most Ethiopia wells are hand-dug and are equipped with hand pump systems. Donations help cover the costs of labor and materials. As a part of FH’s community plan, the costs for projects also incorporates training. This ensures that people in each community learn how to take care of and maintain their new well and understand why a well is important. There are numerous wells around the world built by well-intended organizations but because they don't invest in training, many of these wells aren’t properly maintained and become broken and unused.





All of the information found on this page was provided by FH Canada.