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Raised in the province of Manitoba and born in the provincial capital, Winnipeg, designer Dorian Kitsch was brought up in a home that allowed her creativity to flourish. From an early age she harnessed the craft of an artist through drawing, coloring, and designing outfits for Barbie dolls from her Mother’s fabric scraps.

In 2004 Dorian attended Olds College, earning a Certificate in Fashion Marketing, and a Diploma in Fashion Design. With her degree in hand she transitioned to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2008 to begin her working career. She found success moving through the retail industry with experience at store level and corporate head office. Yet, something was missing and she soon realized that she needed a medium to express herself. Dorian found jewelry and began experimenting by taking it apart and recreating it with her own twist. The brand CoutuKitsch was born - November, 2010.



The name ‘CoutuKitsch’ draws its roots back before she began making jewelry. ‘Coutu’ is a family name representing her Metis heritage and pronounced ‘kuh-too’. ‘Kitsch’ is Dorian’s surname coming from her father’s stepfather. This heritage is expressed with each piece creating a brand that is premised in the belief – there are no rules when wearing jewelry.

The CoutuKitsch collection is hand crafted using a combination of old meets new through vintage supplies, precious metals, and beautiful gemstones. Through this channel CoutuKitsch prides itself on creating a contrast that is, unexpected, beautiful, and ultimately unique. Resulting in a product suited for a customer who is not afraid to express themselves and make a statement.